Curiosity Runs Deep

Cultivate your spirit of adventure

Journey 333 feet below in McMinnville, Tn

Let’s go back to simpler days; the days when schooless, barefoot, popsicle-dripping summers opened up your busy 10-year-old schedule for far more important tasks. Tasks that involved riding with your neighborhood bicycle gang to places no other kid had ever discovered. After a long day of exploring, you burst through the back door, just in time for dinner, coated in mud, scrapes, and a gleaming badge of honor, symbolizing that you finally found the perfect location for the secret fort. You were an early explorer. And you finally made your mark. Rediscover that feeling in McMinnville, TN, where, once again, you’ll make your mark.

"Amazing!! My husband & I took the 1.5 mile tour. The cave is beautiful! Our tour guide (Josh) was great. We opted out of the light show because my husband's knees just wouldn't let him climb those uneven steps, and this was a bummer, but we did get to see some wonderful features of the cave. I would recommend this to anyone."

-Delta H.